The Missing People 1939

27 well-to-do people have all vanished under similar circumstances. J.G. Reeder, an elderly gentleman who fancies himself a detective, decides to investigate the matter.

Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case 1941

The Carter Case was the second and last Republic film based on the popular radio series Mister District Attorney. Like the first entry, this one is played mostly for laughs, with Radio's Mister District Attorney. James Ellison replacing Dennis O'Keefe as feckless assistant DA P. Cadwallader Jones. The publisher of a tony fashion magazine is murdered, requiring Jones to sift through a colorful array of suspects. He is helped (?) along by snoopy girl reporter Terry Parker (Virginia Gilmore), who by default is the brightest character in the picture.

Snake Tales 2000

A woman who accidentally runs over and kills an endangered snake is put on trial by a misogynist judge. She then tries to save herself by spinning an impossibly tall, "Arabian Nights"-esque tale of gossip and intrigue that eventually involves everyone in their small town.

Take the Stand 1934

A radio columnist is threatened by gangsters and later murdered during a broadcast. A detective sets out to find the killers.

Mystery Island 1937

Two women and eight men are shipwrecked on a South Pacific island. There is a murderer amongst them. Only the murderer and the ship's captain knows his identity but the captain has lost his memory.

Trouble Among Widows 1964

When Guillaume Valmont dies in a car accident, the only thing he leaves his wife Isabelle is his pharmacy. She never loved her older husband and she regards his death as a deliverance. At the funeral, she meets Judith, widow too, and she soon realises that her husband had been leading a double life. A short while later, the pharmacy is broken into, but nothing is stolen. Police Inspector Laforêt is put in charge of the case. Isabelle becomes suspicious when Judith offers to buy the pharmacy.

Death on the Set 1935

A well-known film director has a gangster double, whom he ends up killing. Taking the gangsters place, he then causes an actress to be framed.

Alias the Champ 1949

Slammin’ Sammy Menacker is killed in the ring, and Gorgeous George (in his only film appearance) is arrested for murder. Out to clear his name is his manager Lorraine and cop Ron Peterson, who was already on the scene to investigate the Mob’s influence on pro wrestling.

The White Lie 1918

Gordon Kingsley lives happily with his wife Dorothy and little daughter Mary Jane. On visiting the home of San Francisco architect Frank Mason, he is shocked to discover a portrait of his own wife and daughter. Suspecting the worst of Dorothy, he hires a private detective....

Under Suspicion 1937

Jack Holt stars as Robert Bailey, a Henry Ford-like auto industrialist who decides to give his millions away to various charitable causes. Naturally, this arouses hostility amongst Bailey's friends, relatives and associates, some of whom have murder on their minds.

Memento Mori 1975

The writer Charmain Colson entertains a circle of old friends. One day, when the group receive an anonymous message saying Memento Mori/Remember you must die, they all panic in fear and angst.