The Son of Peter the Knife 1986

The legend of "Peter The Knife" continues in this popular sequel to one of Mexico's all-time blockbusters. Following in his infamous father's footsteps, Peter, Jr. manages to get more than his fair share of the love of beautiful women...and the hatred of his enemies. Action and drama from New York to Acapulco.

Le château du pendu 1990

French television film directed by Christian de Chalonge, starring Jean Poiret as inspector Lavardin. Part of the series "Les Dossiers de l'inspecteur Lavardin".

Impango 1982

When a wealthy businessman’s wife is abducted by three thugs looking for a R20,000 ransom fee, the man will have to play a very clever game if he hopes to ever see his wife again.

Impango II 1988

When Mr. Dlamini, a wealthy businessman, and his wife, Gugu, fall victim to a trio of crooks seeking revenge and money, they are forced to flee to their beach house.

Trilogy of Death 1991

Three videotaped tales of murder and treachery! “Doublecross XX” finds a spoiled little rich girl (Clancey McCauley) planning her own kidnapping. But her scheme goes awry when her stepmother (Launa Kane) learns of the plot and puts her own plan into action, leading to tragic consequences for both women. In “The Bank Heist” a newly appointed bank manager (Michelle Caporaletti) finds herself at the mercy of a sadistic bank robber (Shelley Deuber). Unless she talks, she'll die horribly! She's left bound and gagged in a car that's quickly filling with deadly carbon monoxide! And in “The Intruder” a beautiful woman (Caporaletti again) is stalked by a rapist (David Shore) and then held captive by her attacker until he's ready to act!

Damsel in Distress 2 1994

Two stories and some filler make up this shot-on-video tape. In "Cannibal Barbecue," a young girl ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time when she finds herself the main course for two hillbilly cannibals. In "Girl For Sale," a girl is kidnapped but her parents won't pay the ransom.

The New Morning of Billy the Kid 1986

All the protagonists move about in a Tokyo Bar that has an entire wall taken up with a black-and-white reproduction of a photo of Monument Valley. The action starts as Billy the Kid, in full living color, walks out of the photo and gets a job as a waiter. Along with him on the working staff are a samurai straight out of the history books, a G.I. from World War II, and several other anachronistic characters. The plot (as such) revolves around keeping away the brutal mobsters and thugs who dominate the city streets outside of the bar, making the tavern safe for its easily recognized facsimiles of well-known characters.

Shark Operation 1988

This is an action-packed action movie from the tough criminal environment of Hong Kong. Carter plays a tough narcotics cop tracking a syndicate chief suspeced for drug trafficking and trading of counterfeit money. Carter and his team make their way to Malaysia where the drug baron is residing, where the final showdown, after several surprises, reaches its peak. The film is packed with action in all variants.

Sons of the Neon Night

A detective goes against the successor to a drug-trafficking crime syndicate, who aspires for a society free of drugs by orchestrating anarchy in Hong Kong.

Intrigo: Samaria

Nineteen-year-old Vera Kall cycles home through the night. She arrives at a farm, leaves her bike and sneaks quietly in through the door. She enters the kitchen and doesn't even have time to notice that she's not alone.

Saavi 1985

When a woman learns that her husband married her for her money, she decides to divorce him.

Pink Trap 1985

Two beautiful young girls who were raised in an orphanage join hands, arms and everything else to fight the bureaucracy's intent to close down their beloved orphanage.

New Prison Walls of Abashiri Stormy Cape 1971

Katsuharu Suehiro was released from the Abashiri prison, to be working on a horse ranch, but gets involved in the horse gambling business while lending a helping hand to a ranch operator. Things get thick when relentless harassment to the ranch is brought by some persistent heavy handed thugs.

The Firechasers 1971

Insurance investigator must find out who is setting fires. Along the way he meets and works with a beautiful newspaper reporter and falls in love.