I Was Watching 1988

A writer and his family go to a remote island to inspire his writing. To really get his juices flowing he decides to stay in a hotel where a writer previously killed his entire family.

Tear Us Apart

A young couple is taken to a cottage in the woods for counseling following the disappearance of their daughter and struggle to identify what's real and what is a figment of their mental recovery.

Deep Above 1994

The story of a musician who wants to become famous and impress only one girl. Unfortunately, he succeeds in both.

Bride Zombie

A man doubts whether or not to shoot a zombie - but decides to let her go. But did he make the right choice...?

The Vacancy 1985

Amy and Audrey King are desperate to find jobs, so they apply for work at their local supermarket. They are fortunate enough to end up on a shortlist of five and receive invitations to attend an interview 10:30pm at night. They arrive at the store to meet two of the other interviewees and the manager, Anthony Parker, who locks the door on the late arrival and takes the four to the staffroom, inviting them down individually for their interviews. Then murder and mayhem begins as the applicants are stalked through the darkened supermarket warehouse by a masked murderer.

The Exhumation 1986

Harry Cohen is distraught, he has just been fired from his job and is driving home to face his demanding wife, Melissa. Just when he thinks his day can't get any worse, his lack of attention to the road causes him to knock a man over and apparently kill him. In his desperation, Harry decides to bury the body in the nearby woods, only for his day to get a damn sight worse than he could ever have expected.

Burp! 1986

A hooker is stranded at a bustop, and a man crashes his car next to a phonebooth there. The hooker is attacked by punks, but fends them off; the man is attacked by the phone, and doesn't fare as well.

The Cabinet of Francis

On Jihwan’s journey for his next novel, he encounters Hansung, his old friend and novel writer. Jihwan followed Hansung into a strange valley only to fail to catch Hansung, a place where he came across a black covered note. Jihwan refers the novel and mimic one. After that, revealing intricate connection between Hansung and Jihwan.


Adam is smart. Adam is well dressed. Adam is good looking. And Adam is about to kill seven people. Pushed to the breaking point Adam decides to go after the stereotypes of people who have forced him to change everything about himself. "StereoType" is a 25 minute short graphic horror movie exploring with race issues and stereotypes. Adam is coming.


Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Thirteen.

Demented 1994

To the outside world, the old boarding house seemed safe and inviting, tucked away on a tree-lined street in a cozy and quiet neighborhood. But appearances can be deceiving. One by one the boarders are about to learn its terrifying secret. A secret they'll carry to their graves. 'Demented' is an exercise in unrelenting, mind-numbing terror. Based on a shocking true story, the film is all the more horrifying because it really happened... maybe in your own town!

The Man Who Sits with the Dead 1988

Descended from a long line of Satanists, a man is given the role of sitting with the dead. He gets fed up with and wants a normal life but is tempted back over to the dark side by necrophilia.

The Tales of Granny Basyang 1985

Anthology features three family-friendly fantasy / horror tales; "Sleeping Beauty," "Zombies" and "Querubin: Maria Leonora Theresa." It's an adaptation of the radio drama series written by Severino Reyes, which was popular in the 1950s.

Tyler Yahne's Slash

An existential slasher comedy about a couple who checks into a Michigan hotel visited by a serial killing maniac who attacks New Jersey residents there each year.

Dream car 1989

A man became obssessed with a dream car, soon his dream become a claustrophobic nightmare.