Safare Jadooei 1990

Dr Reza Kamali, with the persecution and punishment of his son, Sina, wants to make him a distinguished student. One day, Sina takes refuge in her mysterious washing machine from father's fear. Someone does not believe in the perfection that comes with his child and he will be admitted to the hospital, but he rushes away and, when he escapes, goes to the hospital's washing machine.

As Apatralhadas do Fofão 1987

Reunion of sketches with Fofão, a character created by actor Orival Pessini. We have Fofão at school, teaching sports, singing at a "Samba School", conducting a choir of shoes, as a taxi driver, as a Super-Hero, and in many other situations.

The Explosion Will Be at Five 1984

This tale is about young Ludvik (Robert Nespor) an erstwhile, budding scientist whose practical sense leads him to experiment before his common sense has figured out the results. Due to that unfortunate pattern, he variously floods the bathroom while working on displacement of volume and weight in water, he shatters the harvest pumpkins but not the law of gravity, and now he is eyeing the neighbor's rabbits for an electricity experiment. While the rabbits remain safe for awhile, Ludvik's parents wish he would follow in their more traditional footsteps and dedicate himself to music. Instead, Ludvik has learned that the proper mixture of a certain carbide and water can be explosive, and while he works on that technique, a friend tips off the physics teacher about these potentially disastrous plans.

ESD 1986

The Borejko family has four daughters - Gabriela, Ida, Natalia and Patricia. Most concern causes the red-haired Ida, whose unusual ideas often end badly, though the girl has the best intentions. Her father, who works at the university as a classical philologist, gives her the idea to found a group called ESD. They want to try out the theory that you are more successful if you send out more positive signals to the environment. Soon this theory will be put to the test. Ida's mother has to go to the hospital and the entire burden of household chores falls on the children.

After Darkness

As the Sun burns out, an American family gathers at the end of the world, their hopes for rescue slowly crumbling as they also confront long lasting divides amongst each other.

Garrett's Gift

A young boy's creative mind gets him into trouble, until he begins to apply that creativity to life-changing inventions, including the traffic signal.

The Gift 1983

A story about first love of three twelve years old boys to an older girl.